“I have been following the ME with great interest for nearly a year now. I was so impressed with the level and quality of information given away on their facebook site and blogs. I bought the book and loved the way Jade and the team personally answered all the questions posted to them.

This class is like nothing I have ever participated in and having this unique format available to me to deliver will set me worlds apart from other group based exercise instructors”

Jill Gardner
Hi Lincoln,
I have been running a Metabolic Effect class since qualifying a month ago and believe me i am fully booked up with a waiting list!!!!. All my members absolutely love it resulting in an additional class being added in January.

The great thing is my participants are all at different fitness levels, ages etc and this workout is really for everyone. The only problem i had to start with is getting them to rest because they are not use to it, but believe me they soon learnt!
I’m absolutely loving it! Xxx”

Tracey Warrener
“The class was really inspiring and a great way to show that results are achievable quickly and without spending hours working out.  I do feel confident in teaching an ME class and with a little more practice I think this will make a big impact on my fitness business, Although I do run bootcamp courses this will be a great ‘add on’ for those that want to work.”
Melanie Jones
“My ME classes started in Setptember, lots of interest from my current clients base, firstly because of the format (30 mns) secondly because they wanted sustainable results. Some of these clients have been coming to every single Me class since then (I currently teach 2/week) and they are loving the difference it’s made to their body shape & their confidence too. I love the fact that it can be taught to anyone : I have had some very fit people attending who were surprised at how challenged they were.”
Anne Sophie Mascarenhas
“The pre course information and the ME PT course it self was of great standard. I quickly booked on the Group exercise course(this time in Manchester) and again the content was amazing. The nutrition courses take this company to a whole new level though, in-depth content but very easy to understand. My whole business is now based on the Metabolic Effect principles and my clients love it. I currently deliver a number of classes, small groups and PT sessions across the North East and the flexibility you have in the teaching means you never get bored. The 30 minute classes are a massive selling point for busy people or parents with little spare time and all my clients agree the results are amazing.”
Richie Paxton
“After completing both the ME PT and ME group course’s I have found it to have a very positive impact on my whole business. Client’s love the simplicity, intensity and most of all the results. M.E give you great support and advice along with some fantastic education.
The fat loss lifestyle really is captured with Metabolic Effect. Thoroughly recommended to any professionals looking to better themselves.”
Gordon Ross