Welcome to  H.E.A.L, the Nutrition and Natural Health Summit

Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th of May 2018

London South East Colleges, Rookery Ln, Bromley BR2 8HE


For friends and colleagues of Sarah Garton

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The H.E.A.L Natural Health Summit returns in 2018 to Bromley with one focus. That is to provide you with ideas, strategies and the latest research in health and well being. Why H.E.A.L? Well this summit sole aim is to help fitness professionals promote a Healthy, Exercise & Anti-ageing Lifestyle in a format that will improve your fitness business, optimise bodyshape, and increase your fitness and health network.

You will have access to a collection of the most inspirational speakers, educators and instructors around, from both the US and UK.

The Summit will continue to focus on combining the fitness, nutrition and natural health worlds to provide you with a unique conference experience. The result will be that you will be able to approach wellness from an holistic perspective, rather than the traditional 2 dimensional eat less and exercise more approach.

Your Weekend Sessions

08:00 — 08:30 Registration And Networking
08:30 — 09:30 Session 1: Keoni Teta – Fat Loss Strategies Without Dieting
09:40 — 10:40 Session 2: Jenny Burrell – Meno Muscle, Speed and Mobility Pt 1
10:50 — 11:50 Session 3:  Jenny Burrell – Meno Muscle, Speed and Mobility Pt 2
12:00 — 13:00 Session 4: Jacyln Chase – The Hormone Health Masterplan
13:00 — 13:30 Session 5: Yvonne Radley – Instagram Secrets For Fitness Success
13:30 — 14:30 LUNCH BREAK
14:30 — 15:30 Session 6: Ben Pratt – The secrets of good health learned from traditional diets  
15:40 — 16:40 Session 7: Andrew Steele DNAFit – Genetic Testing For Health and Nutrition
16:50 — 17:50 Session 8: Jillian Teta – Guts Gone Wild
17:50 — 18:20 Session 9: Sarah Jane Griffiths – Strala Yoga

09:00 — 10:00 Session 1: Keoni Teta-Natural Anti inflammatories                                                       
10:10 — 11:10 Session 2: Orly Moyal – Slim Stress Solutions                                                                  
11:20 — 12:20 Session 3: Jillian Teta – Nutritional Applications For Digestive Health                                         
12.30 – 13.30 Session 4: Lincoln Bryden – Rest Based Mindful Movement

Confirmed  Speakers So Far

More will be added shortly

Why Should You Attend?

Knowledge, Personal Development, and Growth

What do others think of the event?

Here are some testimonials from people that came to this years conference.

  • Fiona Whitfield Fiona Whitfield
    Once again, this summit didn't disappoint. This is the only weekend I have chosen to attend this year and it didn't disappoint. Professional and knowledgeable speakers delivering fantastic content. Bloody good job, Lincoln! I can't wait to start implementing.
  • Lisa Moore Lisa Moore
    Again for me the only training I've attended where I am alert and awake all the time. This was due to brilliant speakers, great content and a high energy vibe. I learnt new information but also went back over things that I knew but had forgotten or maybe hadn't quite understood 100%. Well organised, great venue & all the information received prior to the event was clear. Really, really good value for money
  • Helen Carpenter Waters Helen Carpenter Waters
    A brilliant and personal professional development opportunity for any one working in the health and fitness arena, a must for any fit pro who takes their role as a leader seriously
  • Sam Palmer Sam Palmer
    This was my first event of this type and I was very much looking forward to it, it didn't disappoint. From the outset I knew that the organisation was exemplary with regular emails drip feeding me information that was helpful for me. The speakers were of an excellent caliber and kept me interested and learning throughout the day. However, the most important thing is that at the end of the day I found i was armed with new information that I could share with my clients as soon as I saw them PLUS ideas I can develop to enhance my business in the near future. Thank you Lincoln.
  • Jane Tress Jane Tress
    To have a nutritional summit that really focuses on advice for our clients is wonderful. The cross section of speakers was superb. I reinforced my knowledge and picked up valuable golden nuggets! A truly well spent couple of days, I will definitely be back with others!!
  • Tracey Pomelli Tracey Pomelli
    My major takeaway this year was learning about the impact of exercise on our brain health. As a fitness enthusiast rather than a fit pro, I find the information is delivered in an easy to understand way and I always go away with a number of suggestions to improve my health. You just need to come along with an open mind and an empty note book.
  • Jennifer Broom Jennifer Broom
    I had an amazing time this year at the Metabolic Effect UK Summit 2017. Great group of professional speakers from here & far giving us the latest information in fitness, health & nutrition. Whether you are looking for guidance yourself or for your clients this trip is absolutely relevant. Definitely attending next year! Thank you to all those involved who made it happen!
  • Victoria Midwood Victoria Midwood
    Great brains, great company & a wonderful learning experience in a stress free atmosphere of like minded fitness, health & wellness professionals. The Metabolic Summit, what a wicked way to spend a weekend. Learning from Natural Health & Medical practitioners from the UK & USA. Informative without being overwhelming, with useful and usable tips and techniques to take away and implement with clients immediately. Top take away from this years summit get your sleep habits in order and stop dieting! A great mix of topics & presenters kept the whole weekend busy and buzzing. an't wait to go again next year
  • Louise Grafton-Mitchell Louise Grafton-Mitchell
    If you want to improve your health, fitness and wellness and, well, your life in general, then the Summit is exactly what you’re looking for. It is an absolute privilege to be able to be given the opportunity each year to listen to, to chat and interact with, not just the amazing speakers but also the rest of those in attendance. It’s great to be with like-minded people who also want to enhance their life journey through attending and participating in such forward thinking events like this
  • Sarah Cardona Sarah Cardona
    Very enjoyable event with interesting speakers covering different topics of health and wellness that everyone would benefit and take away valuable information, being my first Summit I am already looking forward to the next one!
  • Anne-Sophie Mascarenhas Anne-Sophie Mascarenhas
    Really enjoyed this year's Summit. A variety of speakers on many different subjects linked to health, fitness & wellbeing meant there was something for everyone in this industry. All I need to do is start using all the information I have gathered & share it with my private clients & group classes. I have already used some of the data in the presentations for my family. Thank you for a productive day!
  • Janetta Murray Janetta Murray
    Really enjoyed this year's Summit. A variety of speakers on many different subjects linked to health, fitness & wellbeing meant there was something for everyone in this industry. All I need to do is start using all the information I have gathered & share it with my private clients & group classes. I have already used some of the data in the presentations for my family. Thank you for a productive day!

Split Pay Options Are Now Available!

Saturday Payment Option
  • Attendance Saturday
  • Conference T-shirt
  • Video recordings of Saturdays Sessions
  • Lunch is supplied on the Saturday
  • Split Payment Options - 4 payments of £25 --> CLICK HERE
Valid until end of January - Normal price £107
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    Sunday Payment Option
    • Attendance Sunday
    • Conference T-shirt
    • Video recordings of Sundays Sessions
    Valid until 30th November - Normal price £97
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      ‘More Than Your Money Back’ ZERO RISK GUARANTEE

      As always, we’re so supremely confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE every minute of the ‘Metabolic Effect Summit’ that we’re willing to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

      Even though we’re supremely confident that you’ll be thrilled with the entire weekend we’ve got in store for you, and that when you implement the strategies we share, we realise that until you’ve attended and experienced this event first hand, you can’t know that for sure.

      And whilst the financial investment in attending this event is negligible, we realise that for many of you, your most valuable asset is your time.

      So to put your mind at ease completely – right from the start – we’re going to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!
      Here’s how it works…

      If you’re anything less than 100% satisfied with the weekend just let us know before the event finishes on Sunday and we’ll happily refund your attendance fee, PLUS up to £100 of documented travel and accommodation expenses…

      In other words you’ll receive a refund of your ticket price – plus up to £100 to cover your additional expenses, so there’s no way you could possibly be out of pocket.


      Is this price for one day or two?

      The price for the event includes Sunday’s sessions.

      Why is this price so low?

      I want to thank people that supported the event this year, by offering this price.

      Will I get to meet the speakers?

      - Definitely! The guest speakers are known for being extremely approachable, and will be watching each others sessions.  They will be hanging around during the breaks and at lunch so there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with them.

      Does this price include lunch?

      Yes this price includes lunch on the Saturday, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

      Will I have time for networking while I’m here?

      Yes, you will! There will be breaks throughout the day to stop and chat with people,

      Will there be  practical sessions?

      Yes! One of the main changes to previous years' events is that there will be 1-2 minute movement breaks in between each session, as well as 2 full practical sessions

      Is there a dress code?

      Wear whatever is comfortable for you, plus practical kit and a mat if you would like to take part in the classes


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